Our Story

We’re a community of women from The Island of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu and part of a global, no-profit community called Woman Within International. Women from all cultural backgrounds meet and attend Woman Within(r) Weekends, local Woman Within Circles, workshops, and Events here in Hawaii.

Our new Woman Within community began in January of 2014 when local women, inspired by their Mankind Project friends and family, brought Woman Within Western Region’s Circle Training Workshops to the Big Island and Maui. Afterwards, with our new skills and inspiration, we began creating Woman Within Circles, still thriving today.

Because Woman Within Hawaii is just emerging as a new Woman Within community,  Woman Within International is supporting us directly by providing and managing the Woman Within Weekend.  We created the 2014 Weekend Council and organized the first Woman Within Weekend on Maui. Talented, skilled, and certified facilitators came from all over the world to introduce the Woman Within Weekend experience to us. The following year, Weekend Council members joined the staff and brought the second Woman Within Weekend to Maui. Then we had a third. Now we’re in the process of creating our fourth Weekend on the Big Island._facebook_1466649318954

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we create opportunities to connect, heal, and grow through our educational programs, circles and community building events. We help women find the parts of themselves need further acknowledgement and integration so that they can live their lives to the fullest. For centuries women have gathered together to see, hear, and support each other. Through these experiences we can be held when we feel alone, challenged when we’re stuck, and loved when we believe that we aren’t worthy. At Woman Within Hawaii, we know that each woman is unique and her self-discovery process is just as special and individual.

Your privacy

All information we receive is confidential, not shared or used for marketing, advertising, solicitation, or promotion of products, events, political, religious and social views. Woman Within Hawaii is committed to using your contact information only to inform you of upcoming news, events and workshops hosted by our organization or other approved, affiliate  organizations, like The Mankind Project. Join our email list  or unsubscribe at any time by contacting us: info@womanwithinhawaii.org.

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