Woman Within Hawaii Council

We are a circle of leaders supporting each other in providing our island women with opportunities to connect, heal, grow, and transform their lives. We do this with educational programs including Woman Within® Weekends, Woman Within Circle training, and community-building events.

Position open
letty-borchers2Letty Borchers
Circle Coordinator Maui

Carol Coughlin

3094-06-01Ann DiLoreto
President &
Communications Coordinator

Shakti Douglas2

Shakti Douglas
Vice President,
Circle Coordinator &
MKP Liaison Big Island

Meghan Colleen
Development & Supplies


Jane Francis
Site Coordinator & Supply Coordinator Maui

Mirabai GalashanMirabai Galashan
Past President

Diane GillisDiane Gillis
Staff Coordinator
 & MKP Liaison Maui

Jen Wick2Jen Wick
Honoring Ceremony
Coordinator Maui

Viri Lund
Development &
 Staff Coordinator

Maria Sherow
Participant Coordinator
    Kea VerschuurKea Verschuur
Honoring Ceremony
Coordinator Big Island