Open Circle Invitation Kahului, Maui

Aloha beautiful ladies! This is Viri inviting you to join us on our Open Circle for those who have graduated from the Woman Within Weekend or our Open Circle for all women over 18 years. Find the schedule here.

For those of you that might be forwarding this to your woman friends, let me tell you a bit about our Circle. We sit together and choose to share or not what we are experiencing in our lives. You decide how deep you want to go and with the support of the ladies in the circle we can help you go within and find your own answers.

The intention is to empower each other in a non-judgmental way, here you will find compassion, support and a safe container. What’s shared here stays here.

Sitting in this Circle has transformed my life and the way I see other woman. I have realized that we can grow so much supporting each other. We have so much in common that sometimes just by sitting there and being present for others a lot of insight can come your way.

Everyone’s experience is different and we encourage ever woman out there to come join our sisterhood.

Viri Lund
Kahului Woman Within Circle