More about the Weekend

Woman Within International’s signature program – the Woman Within Weekend – is a two-and-a half-day adventure for women. It provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore how your life could be different and to fully know and live the power of who you are. It’s an opportunity for you to look at the life you’ve created and to make choices about what you want to sustain, what you want to deepen, and what you want to release. The Weekend program is designed by women, for women and staffed by trained Woman Within women. It  is a ‘guided’ program:  sessions are sequenced to lead participants to descend into their deep feminine selves to retrieve a part that has been buried for one reason or another, then to ascend and reclaim that lost part to finally celebrate their wholeness.
The Weekend is not intended to be a substitute for therapy, although it could be considered complementary to many kinds of therapies. Women at all stages of their journey can gain from the Woman Within experience. It is designed so that each woman finds her own path. Sessions include journaling, small and large group work, individual sharing, visualizations, and movement. Most sessions are held indoors but we encourage you to dress according to the weather because there is movement between buildings as well as the chance to be in nature.

What makes our Woman Within Weekends unique? During the Weekend, each woman has one woman on the staff devoted to her journey who has attended a Weekend and completed a Staff Training Workshop®. All Weekend Leaders and the Facilitation Team have earned Certification through a vigorous practical training process that can take years or to complete. Additional Woman Within International Workshops are required and once Certified, Facilitators begin a continuing education program that includes Weekend facilitating and evaluations. Every woman who considers experiencing a Woman Within Weekend should is held in the loving hands of many, very capable women.