Who staffs the Weekend?

Our signature program, the Woman Within Weekend, is designed by women, for women and staffed by women. For each Weekend we enroll as many as two teams of 16 women 18 years and older. Women participating are supported by an equal or greater number of qualified and trained staff of women.

Long before every Weekend a very careful process of selecting staff begins. Each woman’s mix of skills, their experience with staffing, the number of participants, and the staff roles needed are all considered in order to provide the best program for all participants. The women selected to lead, facilitate, and staff can ensure a safe and sacred container for each Weekend because they meet high standards set by Woman Within International.

All members of the staff have experienced the Weekend as a participant and completed a one-day Staff Training workshop. Both Weekend Leaders and all eight Facilitators earn certification to qualify them in their roles through a vigorous practical training process that typically takes 5-15 years. During their training, Facilitators are required to regularly staff Woman Within Weekends where they are evaluated and held accountable to a clear certification protocol. In addition to frequent staffing, they’re also required to attend two leadership programs (Woman Within Wholeness Workshop® and Woman Within Skills Workshop®). Once certified, Weekend Leaders and Facilitators continue to be evaluated and held accountable to our high standards established by Woman Within International.

For more information contact Woman Within International at info@womanwithin.org.