Next Steps

Next Steps: Advanced Workshops, Staffing, Leadership and Volunteer

We are mothers, sisters, daughters and friends making personal growth programs available to women throughout the world. We welcome every woman who has completed the Woman Within Weekend or who participates in a Woman Within Circle to volunteer her time, skills and talents to help us support other women in being the best they can be.

Choose your path to advanced self-discovery.

After your Woman Within Weekend, many more opportunities await you on your  journey. We offer additional trainings and workshops and programs to help you continue on your journey of personal discovery and growth – so that you can build on what you’ve already gained at your Weekend. We do not want to discount those of you who sit in circle, however, we encourage you to take the Woman Within Weekend to understand what we mean.

If you have not yet attended a Weekend, please take time to register now.

Take Your Journey Deeper

Whether your path is to develop leadership skills or just learn more about yourself, the next steps after a Woman Within Weekend are here:

Staffing: Learn more about yourself while supporting other women.

Workshops: There are many programs after the weekend. Learn more here.

Volunteer: There are so many women needed to continue our mission. See how you can make a difference.