Staffing the Weekend

Staffing a Woman Within Weekend enriches your life

ProgramIcons.CS5Apply to staff the woman 2018 Within Weekend on the Big Island.
Give yourself the gift of supporting other women on their Woman Within Weekend journey of self-discovery. Once you’ve completed your Weekend, you can come back and support other women who are new to the Woman Within community as they reclaim their authentic selves.

Staffing is a gift that you can give to yourself and to the women just beginning their Woman Within journey here in the USA or anywhere in the world. It’s also a wonderful way to make deep, lasting friendships, and connection with other women seeking personal growth.

  • Woman Within Staff Training is required before staffing the Woman Within Weekend. It does not matter where you take the training.
  • Staff Training is offered to women around a month prior to an upcoming weekend. Please fill out your application and let us know your availability both for training and staffing.

How does the Woman Within® Staffing Application process work?

Woman Within Weekend staff are selected in Western USA following Woman Within International staffing requirements plus Western USA regional policy.

  • Applications to staff the Woman Within Weekend® in Hawaii should be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the event.
  •  You’ll receive notice approximately 45 days before the Weekend stating if you’ve been accepted for staffing, put on a waiting list or advised to do other preparation before you staff.
  • Requests received after the application deadline will be reviewed as needed.

What are the requirements to staff?

To staff for the first time, you must:

  • Complete any Woman Within International Woman Within® Weekend
  • Complete any Woman Within® Staff Training
  • You must be in good financial standing with Woman Within International and all Woman Within Regions
  • You must complete and submit a staff application

As part of your commitment to staff, you must:

  • Pay your staff fee – staffing is done on a volunteer basis; the fee helps cover part of the cost of your room and board. Please note the fee must be paid prior to start of the Weekend.
  • Be in ongoing personal self care and personal inner work, beyond staffing the Woman Within Weekend®.
  • Complete all staffing paperwork for each weekend you will be staffing. Woman Within International policy requires you to provide updated personal and emergency information prior to arrival at each Weekend. Safety is our utmost concern.

These requirements and other recommendations for staffing may be requested from Woman Within® International or from Woman Within Western USA.